Heelside Off Axis Frontside Mute 360. By: Shaun Murray Photo: Soden

Cutting In
Do: Take a progressive edge, similar to a wake to wake jump. Just as you get into the bottom of the wake, increase your edge a little more to get the board to push into you.
Don’t: Cut too hard too soon and then flatten off.

Popping of the wake
Do: Release the edge at the top and let your lower body (hips mainly) drift away from the boat while initiating the spin. Keep the handle close to your body by pulling with two hands at the beginning of the trick.
Don’t: Just let go and try to pass the handle behind your back without pulling with two hands.  So often I hear “I can get the spin but I don’t get the handle.” This is a big reason why.


Grabbing Mute
Do: Bring the board up to you by bending your knees. Grab between your feet as best as you can.  
Don’t: Bend over to grab.

Spining 3
Do: You help spin quickly, you can look through the spin with your eyes by looking over your lead shoulder. Or you can even look backwards, away from the direction of travel, which allows you to spot your landing even sooner and give you an idea of where you are going and when you’re going to land.
Don’t: Just huck the spin and not think about trying to pass the handle or spot your landing. It’s super common to just throw the trick and you get so overwhelmed with the thought of catching an edge so you forget technique. This is why I teach people to do good surface 3’s at about 13 mph straight behind the boat. Allows you to learn how to initiate the spin, when and where the handle pass is and what you see while doing the trick.

Do: Keep the handle close to your body. Land strongly yet gently with your knees. Continue riding in the direction of your momentum, not in the direction of the boat. Celebrate in victory.
Don’t: Just let out the handle away from your hips.  
Don’t: Land stiff legged or noodle legs. Seeing the landing coming helps with this.  
Don’t: Point the board at the boat when landing, which will cause a slip out landing.  
Don’t: Just stand there like you’re not pumped.