Wall Papers

We know. And don’t act like we don’t know. Your desktop is cluttered. There are files and folders and random screen grabs everywhere. And let’s not even talk about the background image. It’s old, outdated, or so sentimental you can’t even talk about it. Either way, we’re here to help. Welcome to Wallpapers, every wake fan’s excuse to clean up that cluttered mess. Each Monday we will be posting wallpapers for your desktop, iPhone, iPad, and whatever other e-device you use so you can have something fresh on the regular. Think of this as the farmer’s market of desktop imagery, but free. We decided to start off the first set with a few snaps from the filming of Body Glove’s video Liquid Gold. The entire team ventured to Dubai last year and scored some all time conditions. The story ran in the Oct/Nov issue of Alliance, but now you can re-live that trip with these digital decorations. Simply click on the size computer you have 13″ (1920×1080), 15″ (2560×1440), or iPhone and iPad to download the photo. Be on the lookout next Monday for another batch of visual treats.

Photos: Garrett Cortese

Rusty Malinoski / Ghantoot Marina

2560×1440 <—Click Here

1920×1080 <—Click Here

Bob Soven / Ghantoot Marina

2560×1440 <—Click Here

1920×1080 <—Click Here

Harley Clifford / Dubai Marina

iPhone <—Click Here

iPad <—Click Here

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Shelby 1280x1024Download 1280 x 1024

GARDNER Download 1024 x 768

AUBREY Download 1024 x 768

DEROME Download 1040 x 768

BROSTOCK 1280x1024 Download 1280 x 1024

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