Team CWB works on the 2011 catalog

Words and Photography by Garrett Cortese

When you spend a week on a houseboat on Lake Cumberland with a group of guys like the CWB team, you’re not only guaranteed to get a bunch of great photos, but you’re guaranteed to laugh your ass off. Plain and simple, the CWB team knows how to have fun and enjoys sharing that knowledge with others. During our week on Lake Cumberland we did some serious cliff jumping, a little bit of tubing, a couple cornhole tournaments at the marina, ate a ton of junk food, pushed giant boulders off cliffs, watched Trevor do 20 Pete Rose’s in a row and win $20 from Andrew, and even found the craziest backcountry zipline ever.

Of course there was also a ton of wakeboarding to be done during the week. From Gabe’s surf-inspired slayshes to Trevor’s giant double back rolls off the double up, when you’re with the CWB team you’re gonna see a mix of everything. One of the highlights for everybody on the trip was getting to watch Josh Twelker freeride.