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2014 HYPERLITE #Mr Ocean
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  • 2014 HYPERLITE #Mr Ocean
  • 2014 HYPERLITE #Mr Ocean



Wood Ply Epoxy Construction
ABS Sidewall
Griptape Top
Continuous Rocker


Until now, Brian Grubb has always opted for compression molded board construction. The reasons were simple: durability and concave profiles. This season, his new series combines the features he loves from his compression skates with the feel and weight that wood decks offer. The MrOcean boasts full-ply wood construction with the addition of an ABS sidewall and Enduro base. Our exclusive construction uses an epoxy resin laminate, making the MrOcean stronger and longer lasting than other wood skates in the market. Grubb and Butch also added similar rail and kick-tail concaves into the deck for a great feel under foot. The finishing touch is a new, faster rocker line that helps to generate speed into the wake and reduces drag.
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