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2014 Slingshot Space Pickle WVS
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  • 2014 Slingshot Space Pickle WVS
  • 2014 Slingshot Space Pickle WVS




Board / 4 Fins / Inserts / Front Eva Pad. Rear EVA stomp pad installed, Front pad is included but not installed. Easy peel-and-stick installation, let’s you decide to install or not.


5’0” x 21 1/2” x 2 11/16” VOLUME 34L


QUAD SET UP : Two 4.5” single foil front fins and two 3.625” double foil rear fins. FCS Compatable Fin Boxes. Fiber composite fins.


This unique shape has been gaining a reputation as a fun, dynamic wave catcher in our Wakesurf and SUP lines for the last couple years. Now we’ve finally managed to bring it to our true surf line where it was originally developed. Hand shaped by Tony Logosz, the 2014 Space Pickle offers the control and stability of a longboard with the agility and performance of a short-board. It features a variable tucked hard rail for added bite in the pocket and a double concave with an aggressive V spine through the tail for looser transition from edge to edge. However, the first thing you will notice about this shape is a large volume profile, which provides unmatched performance for super fun days, everyday.
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