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2010 Hyperlite Roam145
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  • 2010 Hyperlite Roam145


LENGTH: 145cm
WIDTH: 16"
ROCKER: 2.8" Abrupt continuous


If you are looking to change it up a bit, look no further, the original flex board is back for 2010, the Roam. As seen over and over again in Rewritten, the Roam is a favorite of the Hyperlite team. Featuring an outside radius side cut profile for increased speed and responsiveness on edge. Combine this with the Roams new Enduro base and you are ready for hours of jibing at the local cable.
Consumer Review What's This?
Andrew Deelstra 5
Posted: September 27th, 2012
I love this board! Smooth and slippy when you want it to be, but grabs an edge when you need it. Pros: Fun to ride! Rather than feeling stuck to the water all the time, you feel like you're floating across it. Pretty much like a flying carpet for the water. Flexible but still pops well off the wake. Getting an edge to cut into the wake is more difficult than a board with fins, but if you lean in enough, it'll get you going pretty quick. Cons: Definitely not for most first-timers. It's too slippery for someone just learning how to get up, figuring out how to stand sideways, etc (imagine Bambi on ice). Also not the greatest on rough water. Little waves are fine, but any sort of chop bounces it too much and kind of ruins the fun. I'd recommend getting a fairly flexible boot (I ride with 2010 Liquid Force Transits) to go with this board to be able to manipulate this board without having to bend your whole lower leg. Overall a spectacular board for anyone looking to have a little more fun on the water!