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2011 Ronix Phoenix Project
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  • 2011 Ronix Phoenix Project
  • 2011 Ronix Phoenix Project


LENGTH: 137/142
WIDTH: 16.9/17.1
ROCKER: 8.1/medium


For decades, our engineers have been developing different layups of glass, constructions of different woods and foam
to create a board that does one thing, store energy. We created a new board with a controlled flex that allows a rider to push all the way up the transfer and as the tail passes thru the wake it continues to build energy - not dampen the ride like some “flex” boards out there. A rider can feel the board transfer energy from the nose to the tail the longer you wait. A deck that you ride more like your favorite snowboard, timing the wake with a later pop, or just ride it like a traditional board with a mellower jump and super forgiving landings. With the Phoenix Project’s thinner profile and blended glass you can feel a balance point - whether you are pressing a board on rails and the board flexes until it locks, or just edging up the wake noticing the energy shift thru the board. A revolutionary new shape for riders that want more of a snow/skate feel leaving the wake, added control on rails with unique flex and wide 28" stance option or for riders that have a conventional style that just want a smooth overall ride.
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