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LENGTH: 137, 142
WIDTH: 17.1”
ROCKER: 2.6” blended


A softer version of our other Phoenix. Even more control on rails and feel on the water.

The Phoenix Project opens up a new spectrum of board designs and riding styles allowing a rider to push all the way up the wake, and as the tail passes thru the peak, it continues to build energy - not dampening the ride like most “flex” boards out there. A rider can feel the shift in board energy from the nose to the tail the longer they wait due to the unique lay up and wide 28” stance option. A deck that you session more like your favorite snowboard, timing the wake with a later pop. Or just ride it like a traditional board with a mellower snap and super forgiving landings. With the Phoenix Project’s thinner profile and blended glass, you can feel a balance point- while pressing rails, the board flexes until it locks. A newfangled shape, winning the 2011 Alliance and Transworld favorite board of the year honors, for riders that want more of a snow/skate feel leaving the wake and added control on rails, or that just have a conventional style and want a smoother overall ride. For decades, our engineers have been developing different layups of glass, constructions, woods and foams to create a board that does one thing, store energy. New for this year, we have the Phoenix Project - S, lighter, a later kick, more feel on the water and control on rails.


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Consumer Review What's This?
Kyra 4
Posted: June 20th, 2012
Overall, this board is amazing.I like that it has a softer flex. This makes it great for smaller riders, especially females. It is great at the cable park because of the soft core. It's very durable too. It is also very lightweight which makes it easier to control. Pros: lightweight,stable, durable, softer core Cons: The smallest size it comes in is a 137 (I'm about 100 pounds and the 137 works perfect for me on rails and obstacles) I like my boards bigger because they provide more stablility and flex when I'm at the park. The Phoenix S is overall a fantastic board. I can't really think of any negatives. It is a bit slow and kind of drags behind the boat, but I would definitely recommend it for rail riding. If you are looking for a good, aggressive, fun cable board, the Phoenix S is a fantastic choice!Energy drinks aren't the only things that give you wings. Find your inner power animal and soar with the Phoenix S!