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LENGTH: 128, 133
ROCKER: 3 stage


The Luna is a proven winner, tested and ridden by all LF Girl’s team riders at some point throughout their careers. This board features a 3-stage hybrid rocker, variable edge rails, and warped molded fins… All key components to guarantee that you have the optimal amount of fun on the water! Start your love affair with the Luna today!


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Consumer Review What's This?
Kendra Booth 5
Posted: August 27th, 2012
Before I got my new board, my neighbor let me try out some of hers; she is a liquid force rider while I myself prefer Hyperlite. This board however was so nice to ride on! I loved the feel of it! It wasn't that great the first ride we took with it though. The fins made it hard to do 360s and 180s. After the first ride we both agreed to take the fins off. That was the best decision we ever made. The board was so much faster and smoother. For anyone first starting out keep the fins on and just ride around for a while. Also remember smaller boards will go faster so don't be to shocked if you get a small board. Aside from being smooth and fast this board has a really nice design the colors are really nice looking in and out of the water. What is great is when you jump the wake and grab the board and kick the bottom out towards the boat and they get a picture of the bottom of the board, that looks so nice with the white bottom. I really can't say anything bad about this board! Oh1 Tip of the day don't leave this board on your boat seat without bindings or a towel under it after there has been sunscreen on the boat cushions, you will find that you come back to a sticker stain on your boat and it is hard to get out of the cushion!