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2013 Ronix Phoenix Intelligent
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  • 2013 Ronix Phoenix Intelligent



137cm 142cm
Rocker - 2.5"/2.6" Blended
- Full center rail creates a smooth transferring board from edge to edge
- Blends to a more vertical sidewall in the tip and tail allowing the board to ride higher on the water with more glide speed
- Most exaggerated bottom bevel starts out at 4° blending to 18° on the ends - super forgiving and less likely to get hung up on rails
- Deep symmetrical channels - help with acceleration thru a turn and push the rider into the wake
- Subtle tunnel - more efficient water flow and stabilized landings
- Rocker line - smooth predictable transfer makes it easier for a rider to have a late take off
- Versatile cable and boat board with a controlled flex
- Ridden by Erik Ruck


Want a board with the most amount of feedback and feel on the water ever presented? This lively new core delivers the deck into the rider as soon as they leave the wake. With 3 intelligent cores in our line - the most explosive version - Code 22, fastest version - William, and our most forgiving - the Phoenix Project. A thin profiled snowboard inspired design - for the rider that wants the most amount of reaction in a smooth rocker line, without the extra jolt that carbon brings. We took one of our best selling rides in the past couple seasons, and added a new construction that has the most amount of communication ever presented. An intelligent layup that truly has the IQ to transmit back depending on where the rider’s body position is on the water. Just might be our most versatile boat/cable deck in our line. Endorsed by Erik Ruck.
Transworld Wakeboarding editor’s pick - “The coolest board i have ever ridden”
Voted best boat & cable board by 2 judges in the alliance magazine gear guide


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