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2013 Ronix Parks - ATR Edition
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  • 2013 Ronix Parks - ATR Edition



134cm 139cm 144cm
Rocker - 2.4"/2.4"/2.6" Blended
Width - 17"/17.3"/17.6"
- Center variable edge – a sharper rail and a softer bevel create a controlled accelerated edge transfer with a forgiving bottom design
- Tip/tail variable edge – an even more vertical rail allows the end of the board to ride higher on the water and prevents the board from burying the edge on big cuts with a sharper bevel for quicker response into a turn
- thinner profile reduces swing weight
- A clean bottom design - the board lands with more natural forward momentum allowing us to use cleaner bottoms
- Wide profile – with this much surface area we balance it out with more sidecut for the right amount of effective edge in the water
- Glide speed - puts smiles on riders faces since not very long ago and can potentially cure the common cold
- A collection inspired by the marvels of our galaxy
- Parks Bonifay approved


Arguably the biggest name in wakeboarding - Parks Bonifay has done more on the water than most of us have before he even started school. Starting behind the boat at 6 months old, youngest rider to at the time to win Summer X, winner of every major award or contest you can imagine many times over, rabble rabble - check out the Parks movie if you haven’t seen it already. One thing he doesn’t get enough credit for though is his knowledge of hydrodynamics. Since becoming an owner of Ronix he really wanted to take his explosive, aggressive style and translate that into his most user friendly collection. A less is more rockerline, and a super sized sweet spot with our most amount of surface area in a high end board. The result is the easiest riding signature board out there. A hard edging board that you can ride longer with. Leave the wake with less
work from the added top water speed. Now you can naturally travel off the peak of the kicker with more forward momentum. Similar glide speed to the new one board, just has a tighter overall feel transitioning, when edging and more bite leaving the wake. The fastest, most stable, easy to ride board our sport’s gnarliest rider has ever endorsed. Still one of the strongest edging boards in our line with the unique variable rail and deeper channels outside the fins.


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