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2014 Obscura Aspect 40.5
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  • 2014 Obscura Aspect 40.5
  • 2014 Obscura Aspect 40.5



Progressive 3 Stage Rocker

Single concave

Composite Construction

Asymmetrical Outline

Variable Rail Edge

1.125 OBSCURA Fin

Gripped Deck


Danny Hampson and Grant Roberts come from different sides of our country, but they are not on different sides when it comes to picking a skate of choice. While our Obscura skate lineup comes in many different shapes, constructions and platforms, both Danny and Grant prefer the ASPECT for all conditions. The multi level deck that features our Progressive 3 Stage Rocker gives an extra “snap” off the wake or flat water that is unmatched on any other deck. Whether Danny is cruising off the Keys, or Grant is ripping with his buddies in the Delta, these guys are always smiling from ear to ear riding their ASPECT’s… so will you!
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