Make calls, send text messages, and listen to your favorite music all without reaching for your smartphone with the black Gear Circle from Samsung. The Gear Circle is a set of earbuds which connects via Bluetooth 3.0 to your mobile devices, allowing you to listen to music and more, wire-free. Worn around the neck, the Circle’s smart magnetic clasp snaps the two earbuds together when not in use, automatically pausing your music.

The Gear Circle also allows you to place and take calls, and notifies you of incoming calls by gently vibrating. To answer, simply pull the earbuds apart, insert them into your ears, and begin your conversation. The Gear Circle supports spoken notifications using Text-to-Speech, and will speak immediately when a new notification arrives.

Gear Manager App
Use the free Gear Manager mobile app to monitor your Gear Circle’s connection and control settings and notifications. The app is available for Samsung smartphones that have more than 1 GB of memory and run Android 4.2.2 or later.
The Gear Circle supports spoken notifications using Text-to-Speech (TTS), and will verbally inform you of new alerts. It supports messages, alarms, and calendar, along with notifications from your other apps, all configurable though the Gear Manager app.
From within the Gear Manager app, you can set your Gear Circle to launch S Voice when you press and hold the play/talk button, enabling you to control your smartphone with only your voice.
Customize your sound with the Gear Manager app’s SoundAlive equalizer.
Hearing Monitor
View the hearing damage level that can occur when your ears are exposed to high volumes.
Multiple Device Connection
The Circle can be connected with two devices simultaneously.
Touch Volume Controls
To adjust the volume, simply swipe up or down on the touchpad on the right earbud.
Neck Guide
When engaged in outdoor activities, use the neck guide to prevent the neckband from falling off your neck.
The Samsung Gear Circle is compatible with most Bluetooth-equipped Samsung smartphones and tablets.

MSRP: $99.99

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