July 3rd, 2012 by alliance

Alliance Girl Ashley by Kris Joal

13 Responses to “Alliance Girl: Ashley”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Woo! Shout our to TwistedCandi Bikinis! :)

  2. Bambii Says:


  3. TwistedCandi Bikinis Says:

    That’s our girl!!! <3

  4. T. Arslanian Says:

    You go Sista!!!

  6. Uncle Rome Says:

    I’m proud of you sweetie…your beautiful!!!

  7. Frankie Porreca Says:

    Something to be proud of! Good job Ashley!

  8. tiffani phipps Says:

    yep yep shout out to TC Bikini’s also proud friend of miss ashley

  9. BB Says:

    Too much Photoshop…

  10. Terry Arslanian Says:

    Auntie Cookie say’s -that’s my stunning niece.

  11. numbnuts Says:


  13. Tommy J Says:

    One of my twitter buds… Killin it!!!!


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