October 29th, 2009 by garrettcortese

leah_umbrella 1 - cortese


11 Responses to “Alliance Girls: Leah”

  1. JasonMraz Says:

    I am so tired of brooke geery only posting stuff of her friends! this girl is clearly another friend of brooke geery. Alliance seriously u need to take wakeskating and wakeboarding serious

  2. Andrew Masi Says:

    thank you for my backround of the week

  3. KnowitAll Says:

    Umm actually, Brooke has no idea who Leah is. In fact, they have not had so much as a single interaction with each other their entire lives. Especially considering Leah llives in Orlando, and Brooke lives on the other side of the U.S., not really sure how they would ever even become friends. So why don’t you stop whining, and spend your time learning how to pop shuvs on ur wakeskate, instead of just spinning them surface like a kook. And who the heck listens to Jason Mraz, seriously, I really hope your a chic.

  4. bob8u903 Says:


  5. richardShredder Says:

    I know Leah…Is it rainy out dear???

  6. Britney Says:

    I Love Leah!!! Your Beautiful Doll So Proud Of You! ;)

  7. stephanie Says:

    way to go leah!!! you are sooooo beautiful!!!!

  8. OTT Says:

    Low cut is hot

  9. Facebook User Says:

    garrett has a good job.

  11. Kevin Pawloski Says:

    She’s got some breeding hips for sure.


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