August 20th, 2013 by Submitted

Sean is from Pinneberg, Germany. Which is also his home spot. This is his 5th season wakeboarding and he’s been loving it from the beginning. Next year he wants to compete in more contests.

5 Responses to “Global: Sean Carstensen Wakeboard Pinneberg”

  1. omg Says:

    gay edit gay riding what the hell are you doing out there besides kooking it up. if your sponsored someone kill me now this c**t is in his boxers for Christ sake, this is what makes wakeboarding look gay… thanks dude for not doing one hard trick and probably getting paid too. try harder bottom line

  2. Sean Carstensen Says:

    Sadly not getting paid for it. But thanks for watching bro ! ;)

  3. Adam Holland Says:

    Back mobe 5 was hugee

  4. Mboat4 Says:

    Sickkk video… Air tricks are soo big. Especially that blind 313. Keep it up.

  5. ok Says:

    listen your video is good and all but its just the muscleflashing dancing to dubstep that isn’t very appealing to us. good job keep it up a+ effort, dont edit like a queer next time. peace


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