DB9 138 top

What we say: Well, I’m sure there’s a million different ways we could work our humor into DB9, like Deep Bates9 but we won’t this time. However, having given this board the scratch-and-sniff test at Surf Expo, we can say this board is super light. Bamboo should offer the board lots of life off the wake and the fact it can offer you something in real life instead of your dreams (O face), sounds good to us.

What they say: The DB9 from CWB is new, light, green and innovative. Our new Bamcore is earth friendly using Bamboo sheets blended with PVC foam. It has a tensile strength and weight to strength ration superior to steel, yet is light, flexible and resists compression. The Bamcore is wrapped in carbon for strength and weight savings. A huge center spine runs tip to tail on an otherwise clean and smooth nylon base. The beveled variable edge rail is also new, thin at the tips, thick in the middle. An aggressive continuous rocker and mid width delivers lift like you have only previously experienced in your dreams. Coming soon.

138cm and 144cm

Blank $649.99
for more information go to ridecwb.com

DB9 base