June 10th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

2010 Grinch Pro includes the latest in winch innovation.

The Grinch is a great machine for all your boarding applications: WAKE/SURF/SKIM/SNOW. Withthe Grinch, where you ride is limited only by your imagination, no need for a Boat or Jet Ski. It’s also a great tool for teaching beginners how to ski.

Grinch Pro 10 HP.


· Frame Design we’ve compacted the size and reduced the weight 30 lbs. from our other standard model. This makes transporting the unit easy so you get to were ever you need it, when ever you need it.
· New Throttle control system, making it much easier to operate than all other winches.
· Quick Release cover for easy maintenance.
· Power by Subaru OHC Engine – electronic fuel injection for increased performance, w/3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
· Stainless steel hardware to prevent from rusting
· Fits 2” Receiver Hitch attaches quickly and easily
· New stainless Roller System for Towing at almost any angleand keeps rope in good shape.
· Wheel mounts for 12” tires making it easier to transport.
· High grade industrial powder coated finish


Max Pull: for deep water starts 275 lbs.
Top Speed: 25 to 30 MPH depending on size of rider.
Spool: can hold up to 2,000 ft of High Tension Line.
Engine: Subaru EX OHC
Starter Type: Recoil

600ft. of High Tension Line included
Distortion Ski Tow Handle
2Ó Receiver Hitch adaptor
Hole Mounts for Staking to ground or strapping to ground
Handles foreasier carrying
Operator’s Manual

8 Responses to “Distortion Grinch PRO 10HP Winch”

  1. Smith Says:

    nice winch

  2. tylor Says:

    I need one !

  3. nixon Says:

    Damn!!! sick winch… Good job Adam!

  4. TJ Says:

    Top speed 20 to 30 MPH !! wow def I need one too!

  5. Oliver Says:

    3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. I like that

  6. Edgar Says:

    Dopest dope!

  7. big al Says:

    How much????

  8. Israel Gonzales Says:

    That winch is sick. Def. need one have some spot always want to hit but cant .


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