2010 Lyman 139 Top

What We Say: Keith Lyman is a bad ass dude and so is his new 2010 Liquid Force Lyman. Check it out.

What They Say:

Liquid Force Lyman Wakeboard

Keith is a next level athlete, therefore he needs a board that can perform at an elite level.  The Lyman is a super charged board that will take just about anything a rider gives it.
This is one of our most aggressive wake to wake boards, as it’s built for speed, pop, and power!

Double to Quad concave hull
– Soft landings caused by beam in center, and superior hold through tail caused by Quad Concave

D I S C setup throughout belly of board
– Double concave is placed within a very shallow single concave.
– Center beam is lower than the outside panels so that the board lays flat on rails and doesn’t rock from side to side

Tail features a Quad-Concave V placed between a set of fins sitting on top of each concave
– The outside set are long warped molded in fins, and the inside set closest to the tip are removable shallow cupped fins
– With the outside fins only, the board can still track very well while it remains loose and releases early off the wake
– With the full quad setup in place, the board provides more hold, increased speed, and generates incredible thrust off the wake

Aggressive 3 stage rocker
-Super Charge your ride!

MSRP $379.99


2010 Lyman 139 Bot