Concave Specs
Lengths: 38.75″,39.5″,40.5″
Width: 15.7″
Rocker: Mellow three stage
Weight: 11.65 lbs

Concave Description:
The 2012 Colton Collective Concave boards are built using our super durable construction. This board was designed to give you the great ride of a classic wood board but with the durability of a composite board so it can stand up to any abuse you can throw at it. The core of this board is Wood, but has a very strong  high density foam towards the extremeties of the board to save weight. To make the board extra durable we equip it with a durasurf base that holds up very well when sliding on any obstacle. To top things off we wrap the tops and sidewalls with a heavy duty fiberglass and marine epoxy that creates a barier between the core of you board and the elements keeping your board from getting water logged and eventually breaking. We also re-inforce our fin holes with plastic so that the inside of your board stays 100% sealed. The bottom line is that this is a board that will ride awesome and last through whatever kind of riding you throw at it with no problems.  Grip tape top.

Cruiser Specs
Length: 39.5″
Width: 15.5″
Carpet top

Cruiser Description:
When we designed this board we wanted it to be a good price point board that would be affordable for beginners and allow them to learn new tricks but also be a board that would be fun for advanced riders to have to go slaysh around and have fun on while still being able to do most of your tricks. This is a flat deck but it is thicker than your average flatty so it sticks with you better and feels more solid under your feet. The carpet top grips will with shoes or barefoot and won’t burn you as bad as griptape.
Old school “directional” shape.

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