Arnette Goes A.C.E.S. To Keep Your Kit Fresh

Arnette has always stood for doing things your own way and to have fun doing it – which is why we are excited to introduce the Arnette Creative Exchange System (A.C.E.S.) collection. A.C.E.S. gives you the ability to express yourself by offering interchangeable parts so you can customize your sunglasses to match your style preference whenever you want. A.C.E.S. was born to change the way you look at sunglasses – and how they look on you.

With A.C.E.S., you have the option of keeping your frames stock, changing both arm components at the same time, or alternating colors whenever you want a little style variation. It’s like having multiple shades in one. Some of the A.C.E.S. styles come with interchangeable arms for a full frame transformation, while others have smaller add-ons and inserts for just a little color boost.

Check out a couple videos for more info on how the Arnette Creative Exchange System Works:

The New A.C.E.S.

The first set from the A.C.E.S. consisted of refreshed versions of the Glory Daze, After Party, So Easy and Swing Plate. Round two is made up of entirely new frames – the Dibs and Moolah.

“The Dibs and Moolah really conceptualize what Arnette A.C.E.S. is supposed to be about. They’re unique frames to being with, but the A.C.E.S. treatment really gives you the option to change up your look based on how you feel that day. Because the arms on the Dibs and Moolah are interchangeable between the two frames and they come in such a wide assortment of colors, you can get pretty creative when putting your kit together,” commented Joe Freitag, Global Brand Director.

One of the flagship A.C.E.S., styles, the Dibs is a classic throwback to the era of hotrods, greasers, rumbles and pinups. It is a large, aggressive, squared-off 6-base frame that features an extra set of interchangeable arms so that you can customize your style for any occasion (arms are interchangeable with the Moolah).
MSRP $89.95/$119.95, available in the following color options:

  • Matte Black with Red Mirror Lens, extra set of Neon Orange arm inserts
  • Matte Black with Blue Mirror Lens, extra set of Neon Blue arm inserts
  • Gloss Black with Polarized Grey Lens, extra set of Matte Transparent arm inserts
  • Gloss Black with Grey Lens, extra set of Neon Yellow arm inserts
  • Transparent with Chrome Mirror Lens, extra set of Transparent Aqua arm inserts
  • Havana with Brown Lens, extra set of Gloss Black arm inserts

    Since the the A.C.E.S. inserts on the Dibs and Moolah are interchangeable, anyone who purchases both models will have nearly limitless style options (at least according to Arnette’s mathamaticians). Professional snowboarder and Arnette Ambassador, Todd Richards, demonstrates how the A.C.E.S. system on the Dibs and Moolah here:

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