Body Glove Mobile – Rugged Series (iPhone 5/5s)


Colors: Black/Black, Raspberry/White, Charcoal/White


The Body Glove ToughSuit is engineered to meet MIL-STD-810G Military standards. Constructed with four layers of protection, you can be confident that your device will be protected in the roughest of situations.  ToughSuit’s built in screen protector shields your device from scratches, while the outside cover is made of shock absorbent rubber to protect your device from bumps and falls.  ToughSuit also includes a detachable holster with belt clip that keeps your phone securely attached to your body.  The case is also fully compatible with the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s.


Colors: Black/Charcoal, Purple/Lavender, Charcoal/Orange, Charcoal/White, Raspberry/White


Protect your investment in the Apple® iPhone® 5/5s* with the ultra rugged and shockingly thin ShockSuit from Body Glove Mobile. If you drop your phone a lot, this case has your phone’s back with durable, shock-resistant materials and design. The ShockSuit is engineered to meet MIL-STD-810G military standards. In other words, this product is built to withstand the roughest of conditions. If it can meet military standards, we at Body Glove are sure it will handle anything you will ever put it through in daily life.


Colors: Black/Charcoal, White/Charcoal, Carbon/Cyan, White/Grape, White/Rasberry


Protect your iPhone 5/5s withTrackSuit by Body Glove Mobile. This phone case is Military Spec Approved and has a slim, rugged construction- giving you the best of both protection and ease of use.

MYSUIT – MSRP $39.99

Colors: Black/Clear, Black/Brushed Metal, Blueberry/Clear, Blueberry/Chevron, Charcoal/Clear, Charcoal/Herringbone, Grape/Clear, Grape/Chevron, Raspberry/Clear, Raspberry/Herringbone


Combining fashion and protection in a smooth and modern design, this case features an interchangeable glossy back plate that snaps into place, securing your phone in a dual-layer front shell.

Sport Series (iPhone 5/5s)


Colors: Black/Slate, Navy/Teal, Plum/Lavender, Stone/Powder Blue


Versatility is king in the smart phone world. So why would you let your phone case be any different? The Fusion DuraStand offers your iPhone 5s the flexibility to do what it does best. Protective features such as a hard shell exterior and an impact-resistant gel lining protects your iPhone at all costs. Never compromising portability, the Fusion DuraStand’s kickstand is functional enough to still fit in your pocket and let you live the active lifestyle you love.

TACTIC – MSRP $29.99

Colors: Black/Charcoal, Navy/Silver, White/Teal, White/Pink, Aqua/Pink, White/Charcoal, White/Neon


Do you drop your phone a lot? Is the body of your phone or current cell phone case a slick surface that is hard to hold onto? Change all of that with the easy-to-grip Body Glove Tactic for your Apple® iPhone® 5/5s. You want a case that has a hard outer shell to protect it from scratches and cracks that are sustained from dropping your phone or scraping it. In addition to this hardshell exterior, the Tactic prevent bumps and bruises from happening in the first place with gel side grips, making it easy and comfortable to hold.


Colors: White/Charcoal/Black


Body Glove Mobile’s Diamond Splash for the Apple® iPhone® 5/5s provides a slim, glossy shell for streamlined protection that slides easily into your pocket or purse. It’s lightweight two layer protection ensures that your phone is protected. You need a phone case that fits your phone and your life. That’s the Body Glove Mobile Diamond.

Fashion Series (iPhone 5/5s)

MOSAIC – MSRP $24.99

Colors: Pink


The Apple® iPhone® 5/5s Mosaic cell phone case offers exceptional protection for your phone. This gel case protects your phone from common scrapes, scratches, and the like. More than that, it shields your phone from damage that could be sustained from being dropped. If your phone slips out of your hand, it could end up cracked and mangled on the ground. Avoid this happening to your iPhone with this quality cell phone case from Body Glove Mobile.


Colors: Blue/Silver/Orange, Teal/White/Purple, Teal/Silver/Pink


You aren’t standing in one place, going in only one direction. You are on the move, constantly changing. You need an Apple® iPhone® 5/5s cell phone case that doesn’t just protect your phone but is suitable for any occasion. You want a case that keeps your iPhone 5/5s safe but also adds to your style rather than detracting from it. Our form-fitting, customizable Icon Hybrid is exactly that.

Slim Series (iPhone 5/5s)


Colors: Blue, Pink, and Purple


The Vibe is designed to offer style and protection for your Apple® iPhone® 5/5s. Its scratch-resistant coating helps to keep the case looking new over time.


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