The Backstage – 134 cm: Refined for 2014 with some slight changes to layup to improve perceived feel on the water. The Backstage has quickly become the board of choice for women looking to hit that next level, just ask current WWA Cable Champion Angelika Schriber. This balanced quietly confident centric performer is fast, edgy, with a skate like ride that’s tight edge to edge with a fluid and more stable feel. Uniquely balanced due to the directional patterned layup and created by our own magic carbon concoction for enhanced air tricks, the Backstage carries the perfect level of glide speed, yet balanced delicately with some jaw dropping pop. Pour in some ERC 2.5 Core tech, the Plug In Fin, and you have a park board ready for launch. We also built in our ultrafast Tuff base to slide to your hearts content.

Recommended for Boat and Park Use

Key Features:

• ERC 2.5 Core Construction

• Hardwood Infused Core

• Carbon Rod Diameter Flex Zones

• Patterned Triaxial Glass Layup

• M6 3-Pack Inserts

• Tuff Slider Sintered Base

• Plug In Fin System with Park Use Fins

Ange Says: For all the girls out there, you will love this board, it’s a perfect all round board for any type of rider, it’s fun , has a tough base, can shred on rails , has great pop and responds to your type of style with soft landings. It has removable fins for those who enjoy riding boat and who like to ride park … A board that lasts.

Details from the Labratory:

ERC Core 2.5 A balanced yet centered kinetic energy flow is achieved by mixing our own special blend of composite materials. This is done thru the use of our energy rods as well as some well-placed carbon composites in the core as well. This allows the feel of the board to retain its energy at center where you want it the most, yet still allow for a softer feel in the tip and tail. Set the edge hard and allow the board to do the work on air tricks and press out the nose when desired as well.

Plug in Fin – Our masterpiece in fins, the plug in uses a coverplate on the top of the board and the fin mounts thru precision routed ABS pockets in the board itself.  Simply loosen the upper coverplate screws and slide the fin forward or back. This allows for about 1 ½” or a little less than 4cm of total adjustment. Now you can dial in your fin location the way you want, want a little less fin, move it out towards the tip or tail. Want more, move it inward; prefer to setup your board directionally, now you can. Use multiple shapes and heights of fins on the same board, want to hand shape your fin, give it a try. If you don’t like your creation, at least you can replace it. We also offer two versions of coverplates depending on how crazy you want to get with dialing in your tip/tail flex.

Tuff Base – Ultra fast on the water, slick on the rail. Built to last, plain and simple the best you can get in overall wear protection.

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