Ability Level:
The ability level recommendation for this board is Intermediate to Pro.

Tech Specs:
4’ 2.75 – 20.5“- 5/8” 3 lbs.

Weight Range:

The weight range recommendation for this board is 70lbs. to 190+lbs. depending on wake size.

Note: All 4-skim style boards come with 1 single 3.0cm skim fin in black only

Designed by Keenan Flegel, the World Waksurfing Champion, the new Keenan Signature Pro Model 4-Skim redefines skim-style boards.  Although sharing a similar profile with the 4Skim Ooze, this board features a full composite construction to make it even lighter and carbon fiber rails for added strength and more pop along with 2 T stringers down the middle of board making it supper stiff. The Keenan Pro 4-Skim has stepped up its game just like the Champion it’s named after.