The Jobe Conflict Flex series: a new Jobe pro model by Julian Cohen!

This year it’s time again for Jobe rider Julian Cohen to prove he belongs to the top of the league. After having an excellent season in 2013 Jobe decided to develop the new pro model Conflict Flex series to make sure Julian can perform at his best on a board and bindings specifically tailored to his needs. The transparant H.I.T base which showcases the blended core accompanied by a flashy black and green design has already been turning heads all over the world! Jobe product developer Niek Huiskes: “The Conflict is created by wakeboarders with a passion for the sport. It’s the perfect combination of Flex, Stiffness and plenty of grip with playful characteristics.”

The Conflict wakeboard is made to give the ultimate experience at your cable. Whether you want to tear down rails or reach the clouds with airtricks, this beast will help you perform at your best! The overall flex technology helps you lock in those stylish presses on rails, while the blended core makes sure you still get the tension you’ll need for airtricks! From beginner to seasoned professional, this board will increase your riding skills on every possible level! We asked Julian about his personal experience with his pro model: “Together with Jobe product developer Niek I designed my wakeboard for soft landings, so you can go as big as you want! The wide nose and tail will help absorb lots of impact. We’ve added many channels to help with traction control after landings. Also the flex is perfect: Lots of flex but not floppy like a noodle. This board is designed for beginners all the way to advanced riders. I love riding it!“

A wakeboard isn’t complete with a matching pair of bindings. That’s the reason Jobe has also developed high-end bindings to exploit the qualities of the Conflict wakeboard even more. These high cut bindings give the right support to your ancles, while still being able to press rails the way you want! Dual laces are there to make sure the bindings fit snug from top to bottom.

Are you as excited as we are and do you want to give the Conflict Flex Series a try? Keep an eye on to get updates on upcoming test events near your local cable park!


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