2010 FLX 142 Top

Liquid Force FLX Wakeboard

The FLX is a completely new board in the 2010 lineup.  Kevin Henshaw dreamed it, Jimmy Redmon created it.  Featuring a patent pending wood PVC core technology, it has just the right amount of flex for hitting rails or going wake to wake.  LF exclusive Liquid Rails help protect this board, as it literally bounces off of anything in its way.  Lastly, the LF exclusive grind base will help protect this board, making it the perfect weapon for an all out rail assault.  If you like a little flex or rail riding in your life, the new FLX is a must have!

Hybrid Technology
– Built for the ultimate ride – bottom contours and unique flex
characteristics give the board a great feel off the biggest wakes and
the smooth flex at the tips make it the ultimate rail riding machine.

NEW LF Exclusive – LIQUID RAIL sidewall construction
– Elastomeric sidewall for the ultimate durable rail – will take any
beating that Kevin Henshaw will give it when charging rails!

Precision CNC Wood/PVC Core
– Wood gives superior strength and the liveliest flex imaginable – PVC
keeps the board light as possible.

P-Tex Grind Base
– The ultimate base material for long lasting slider park fun and

See-Through Translucent top sheet
– Lightweight substrate shows off the soul of the FLX for all to see.

MSRP: $449.99


2010 FLX 142 Bot