2010 Melissa 134 Top

Liquid Force Melissa Hybrid Wakeboard
Melissa Marquardt’s pro model board is designed to tackle any type of riding.  From blasting wake to wake or urban winching in the city, this board features the best of both worlds. Super smooth pop off the wake, the Melissa Hybrid will land you softly after blasting.  The flex will let you slide any obstacle imaginable.  Just like Melissa, this board is designed to charge!

Aggressive CONTINUOUS Stage Rocker
– Spring and SMOOTH trajectory POP off the wake

Hybrid Technology
– Combining the best of both worlds . .  . new Watson performance
hull shape and unique flex characteristics of our Hybrid construction
results in the board that boosts wake-to-wake, and has smooth,
buttery flex for the ultimate in rail riding

NEW LF Exclusive – LIQUID RAIL sidewall construction
– Elastomeric sidewall for the ultimate durable rail – built to provide
the ultimate rail bond and unsurpassed durability

Wood gives superior strength and flex .  .  . PVC keeps it as light as

P-Tex Grind Base
– The ultimate base material for long lasting slider park fun and

ABS Flex Sidewall construction
– Superior strength, a lively spring, and SOFT landings

Molded-in Warped Side Fins
– Superior tracking hold with minimum drag

Variable Edge Rails
Soft in the middle – Forgiving when neutral
Sharpens as it nears the tail – Locks and holds edge

MSRP: $379.99


2010 Melissa 134 Bot