This is why our company exists
Our goal is to have people enjoying themselves as much as humanly possible.
Think back to those exhilarating moments. Incredibly good times. Times that were magical. Hilarious. Outrageous. Sweet. Just plain fun. Surprisingly great. Times when you should have been arrested.
The purpose of Hall Pass is to encourage, motivate, support, kick ass, provide opportunities and give you arbitrary reasons to create the best experience of life imaginable.

Through extensive scientific research we have determined that you can:
1. be miserable – die
2. do all right – die
3. have an outrageously good time – die

However you play, it’s all ending the same
We will champion everyone’s opportunity to have a remarkably good time every day of your life, regardless of what you are doing.

Help us create a new movement
Start using your Hall Pass. Give it to your boss and go to a movie this afternoon. Give it to your wife and go watch hockey with the boys. Be ready, she could give it back to you and make you watch a chick flick. Laugh a little. Recruit others into a conspiracy of enjoyment. Send us your ideas for how to use the Hall Pass.

We will constantly build and expand the resources we have available to support you—including our website, community, and great partners—so you can redeem your Hall Pass for easier access to a good time. We will make available anything in our capacity to get you “out of class” and playing full out in life.

For more info check out www.mypakage.com



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