There are two days a year that I really look forward to and they both revolve around hockey. The first day I look forward to is the day the new EA NHL releases and the second day I look forward to is the NHL’s opening day. Now that both those days have started, I’m a pretty happy man. And what make me even happier is the fact that NHL 14 is everything I hoped it would be and more. With an all-new enforcer engine, there’s no more losing valuable players at the worst moment in the game. Leave the dirty work to the real scrappers. Plus the newly included NHL 94 Anniversary gameplay brings it back old-school with classic controls and big hits. Another great addition to the new NHL 14 is the one-touch deke controls. Now blasting past defenders and freezing a goalie is that much easier with the all-new one-touch dekes. So if hockey runs through your veins, NHL 14 is a must have for any true gamer.

NHL 14
Electronic Arts
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


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