Some have seen that Sesitec made a big step with getting some of wakeboarding’s best riders on their team. And maybe some have seen that Sesitec has brought out some pretty cool apparel just around Surf Expo. Luckily, this stuff is now available for everyone!
A simple, clean and small line of Tees and Caps allows you to wear stuff from a pretty cool wake park manufacturer. They were all designed from P2, Sesitec’s creative mind and one of Germany’s wakeboard legends. We are a Cable Park manufacturer, so of course, we did not produce this stuff ourselves. But we made sure to find some good factories to work together with. Best materials and nice cuts make this stuff really comfortable to wear. Make sure to check out the online shop at www.sesitec.com/merch and feel free to make yourself a little present, or one of your friends for Christmas. With really good shipping prices and everything on stock we ship this nice stuff worldwide.

MSRP – €24.90



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