The crew of mad-lens-scientist at Spy Optics have been hard at work to develop a product that will make us all just a little bit happier. Ladies and Gentleman, we present the SPY Happy Lens. These babies are sick. They’re polarized and they apparently allow the “Happy” blue light to enter the lens to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So far so good. We feel like a bunch of Teletubbies partying with the Care Bears.

Here’s a few things Spy had to say about their new lens technology.

Not only does the SPY Happy Lens provide 100 percent UV protection, block more than 99 percent of glare, provide remarkable contrast, depth perception and color enhancement, it is also designed to “harmonize” with the body’s physiological preference for a specific color transmission, optimized through the important wavelengths between 450 and 500 nanometers, where the “uplifting” effects of blue (“happy”) light are more prevalent. 

Long-wave blue light is the part of the spectrum that studies suggest promotes balance in the body, which most traditional lenses block to a large extent. More specifically exposure to sunlight,especially long wave blue light, has been stated to foster positive physiological changes; raising mood and alertness. 

Making its debut in the spring of 2013, the SPY Happy Lens will be available across a wide array of styles, including vintage-inspired Crosstown Collection, Fade to Black Collection and high-performance cycling models. 

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