Sport as you know it… No longer exists… The ether collection by VonZipper is a full frontal assault on frames being technical without losing design creativity and edge.

Here’s where the rubber hits the road. If you wanna rip, have lots of grip, with no slip, our RGNS (rip grip no slip) system features rubber nose pads and temple tips. These lightweight frames with pop-n-lock hinges simplify the construction and make them more flexible and durable, so you can compete without looking – or being beat. Burn your training bra and toss your jockstrap out the window. The sunglass playbook has been re-written.

“This Shit really works!!!” exclaimed VonZipper Co-Founder and Lead Spotter during his 4,000th consecutive squat thrust. “VonZipper’s Ether Collection is our ‘How do you do’ to all things technical, functional, and steezy in eyewear with a dedication to athletic endeavors!”

Max out your reps and get pumped at: – We promise… you won’t ever look or feel the same!