2010 SST 40p5 Hampson

The SST is the best wakeskate on the market, bar none.  Featuring a compression molded bottom deck, the SST is designed to stand up to all the abuse you give it.  It has that snappy pop you need when going wake to wake, and is also durable to withstand the day to day rail sliding.  You’re guaranteed to love this board!

-Snappy Tail

-40.5’’ (Asymmetrical) Danny Hampson

-42’’ (Asymmetrical) Aaron Reed

-Compression molded bottom deck

-Aggressive 3 stage rocker

-Variable edge, softer rail in the middle, progresses to a crisp rail at
the nose and tail

-Compression molded top deck with concave, features a unique split
tail design that allows the board to respond much faster than
traditional concaves

-Boards are drilled for use of our accessory fins for locking into rails

-Die cut Jessup Grip Tape

-2 skate fins standard

MSRP: $349.99


2010 SST 42 Reed