Sorry Melissa, but your reign as cover girl is officially over. Now it’s Watson’s turn to be the new hot sh*t! That’s right, LF frontman Shawn Watson graces the cover of our August issue 10.7 with this flawless frontside tail tap on a bunch of garbage he must have found in the street. When we saw this shot we said “OMG! THTBTCOTAI!” (“this has to be the cover of the august issue” for all you non-text savvy nerds out there). Get with the times people seriously!

Lucky for you the cover isn’t the only taste of Shawn you’ll be getting in this issue. On page 40 you can take a journey inside his brain to find out his thoughts on the upcoming generation of riders, why he likes using a wrapped handle nowadays, and which one of his 12 pro models he’ll be riding most this year. This dude has it all. The cash, the clothes, the lady AND a ping pong table. We’ve been trying to get a ping pong table in the office for years but the boss says it’s not good for productivity. Dang man!

Also in the August issue, we have a special double up edition of framed featuring riders like Jeff Langley, Collin Harrington, Dean, Smith, Mikey Ennen and of course, the triple up crusher Rusty Malinoski. There’s something about a Double up that is just SOO much cooler than the regular old wake, so we decided it was time to showcase it.

On Page 64 go behind the scenes with the producers of your favorite television series Pull. With four new episodes scheduled to air on Fuel TV this summer find out what it takes to be casted for the series and exactly where the “chosen ones” spent their time shooting. We’ll give you a couple hints: The Florida Keys with wakeboardings most popular Ginger and Friends, Aaron Reed and friends in the state that is tattooed on more people than any other state in the country, Anna Maria Island with the buffest / tannest wakeskater in the bizz, and finally Southern California with that crew that wears the Bandana’s in funny places while they wakeboard. We got a sneak peak at some of the episodes just the other day and trust us, you’re going to want to Tivo these.