April 12th, 2012 by alliance


For the 100th issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine we wanted to make a big impact, which is why we linked up with Raph Derome to shoot the cover. Several different ideas were tossed around until Raph hit us with this. How could we go wrong!? It’s never been done, it’s sketchy as hell, and it’s being performed by the most progressive rail rider in the sport. Big ups to Raph and Reed Hansen for putting this jib together and also to staff photographer Garrett Cortese for scoring what is arguably the sickets cover we’ve had here at Alliance.



Within the issue we asked some of the most influential riders questions pertaining to the sport’s ups and downs in the time period that alliance has been around. Their answers were next level. From winches to Thomas Horrell to cable parks, boat wakes, rails and the projects, the upsides were plentiful. The downsides were twice as entertaining however. Greg Nelson inventing the wake ski’s, Shapiro in prison, wake parents, personal riding coaches, gas prices, and wake pants all topped the list. A lot can happen in 100 issues…



As always we have Framed, the classic photo gallery loaded with the best photo’s from the best photographers and riders in the industry. The caption guy must have been drunk for this one, but we think it was for the best. Matt Hooker and Roland Lugo take the cake in this issue with the front lip on the angled ledge at the infamous M gap.



Next we have Alliance’s first ever Less than 540 contest in which we invited 12 of the sports most innovative riders to compete in. The guys were stoked to be a part of such a unique event in which they were judged on 8 tricks total, all 360’s or less, which would ultimately help to let their creativity and individuality shine through. Randall Harris and Josh Twelker made the trip all the way from Cali just to be a part of a contest that was basically designed to suit their styles exactly. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for these two though, Guys like Bob Soven, Ben Greenwood and Shane Bonifay gave them a serious run for their money. Twelker was eliminated in round one by judges Matt Staker, Scott Byerly and Danny Harf, falling short to Ben Greenwood. Randall, however, could not be stopped. He dominated all the way to the finish line edging out Bob Soven for the first place prize. Look out for exclusive video here on Alliance wake in the very near future.


Finally in the 100th issue we have one of the coolest features to ever grace the pages of our magazine. It’s called The Silver Dragon, aka a tidal bore that runs up the river mouth of Hangzhou Bay, China. It only happens once a year and is celebrated by the local community referred to as “the Festival of the Moon.” The Chinese government heavily regulates the river during this dangerous natural phenomenon, but after years and years of pressure by the watersports community, they allowed for a select group of top professional watermen in the world to have a chance at surfing the beast. Among this group were O’Neill athletes Nick Taylor and Collin Harrington, along with Robert Weaver (aka Wingnut from Endless Summer), Brazilian big wave rider Pato Texeira and more. The story is written by Nick Taylor and is a hell of a read! Big thanks to Bryan Soderlind and Keith Kipp for making this once in a lifetime opportunity come to lite.


The 100th issue is out now and ready to look you deep in the eyes. Don’t be scared, be confident. Confidence is key…




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