Some people might look at the musicians in Black Veil Brides and think, “Wow, those kids look like tight pants wearing Goth freaks,” while Goth kids might say, “Wow, the incredible musicians of BVB are screaming musical gods.” Just like all music, it is all in the ear of the listener. BVB lyrics go deep and their voices sing their melodies to millions of darkened hearts. When BVB released the album We Stitch These Wounds, it sold over 100,000 copies in the first week. BVB went on tour with bands like The Birthday Massacre, Dommin, and Aural Vampire and had a very successful trip with the 2011 AP Warp Tour. They also won Golden Gods Award for Best New Artist and are now letting loose their new album, Set the World on Fire. This Hard Rock/Metal band plays from their souls and cares for all who play along. These musicians stand for what they believe in and they’re not afraid to put up a fight to show it. – Marilyn Waldrop

Black Veil Brides

Set the World on Fire

Lava/ Universal Republic