Countless miles behind the wheel of a van or mini bus while performing in smoke-filled concert halls across the grand U-S-of-A. The story of a band on the road working hard to “make it” is nothing new. It’s always a shocker when a group suddenly breaks the cycle and the band’s popularity grows and things are going good. This story could be told for the foursome of Braid; a group at the height of their career, only to disappear into the stars like the darkness of the night. So when word of Braid’s convergence and new EP hit the inter-web, the light at the end of the tunnel suddenly got brighter. Four expressive tracks might not seem like a lot from a band that’s been apart for about 13 years, but the real fans and followers of Braid will take the four tracks offered and wait patiently for the possibility of more.

Closer to Closed
Polyvinyl Records