A name can make or break a band and is arguably the most important part of the band itself. Well, after the music of course. So what better way to stand out than to take a name from a NASCAR racing superstar and add a small piece to it. The Detroit, Michigan natives’ music is a step past what most, if not all, racing fans would find to their liking. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is more for the fixie bike shoegazers with tight pants and a growing mustache or beard. Regardless of the genre selection and characterized stereotypes, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. lets their first full-length album release It’s a Corporate World do the talking. Check out the foot-tapping whistle-laid track “Simple Girl”, the high-pitched vocals in the conveniently named track “Vocal Chords”, and the stick-whacking jam “If It Wasn’t You…”.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

It’s a Corporate World

Warner Bros. Records