Music is all around us and we all hear music multiple times a day. Whether it comes from TV commercials, our radios, our MP3 players, or the Internet, music is more a part of life than we think. Being a huge fan of all things music, I’m constantly on the search for the next great artist or band. In my searches I tend to see some artists’ names more than others. Be it through remixes or just straight up popularity, these artists always seem to come around. One of those artists for me has been Ellie Goulding; the UK electro-folk-pop sensation that’s blowing up the charts with her newly released full-length album Lights. A dash of reality filled with life’s ups and downs, Ellie strikes a chord in thousands of her fans emotions with track after track of outer body energized tunes like the title song “Lights”.

Ellie Goulding


Interscope Records