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Matt Manzari
Matt Manzari
Views: 211
Age: 24
Hometown: Eustis, FL
Years Riding: 5
Height: 5 6
Weight: 140
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: CWB, Nike 6.0, Sea Doo, Nike, CWB, Arnette, and Performance
Bio: Matt Manzari is a total mad man, whether it’s on a wakeskate or behind the wheel of a pick up truck. In addition to landing new flip trick variations on the regular, Matt is also in seminary school.

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  Editor’s Note: Last year at the annual Byerly Toe Jam Matt Manzari suffered a horrific crash during the boat portion of the contest. Everybody was worried not just for Matt’s career, but for...

Article posted in Skate on July 28th, 2011 by garrettcortese
Matt Manzari got back to Orlando from school up in Tennessee right as we were shooting the goofy-as-hell CWB team poster at the Projects. We both talked about trying to shoot sometime soon...

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Matt Manzari is back in town and this is what he has been up to lately… Just destroying it on a...

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photo: Garrett Cortese 1. Getting Married 2. Getting mistaken for an Argentinean in the airport by an old man and me being (in his opinion) the greatest soccer player 3. Reed, me, and my wife teaming...

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This week from the Nike 6.0 camp it’s Matt Manzari we get to learn more about. What does the madman have to say for himself? Watch to find out....

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As you may have heard (or be living,) Florida is experiencing an unprecedented cold snap. There was even a story on the news last night about it being so cold iguanas were falling...

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top 5 flip tricks 1. Backflip2. Rope swing backflip  3. kickflip4. backside flip5. 360 flip top 5 things about riding for Nike 1. do whatever you want, and not go to jail2. team trips with other...

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Photo: Kyle McCutcheon Date: May 7, 2009 Trick: Frontboard Location: World Wakeboard Center Just another normal day in the world of YCJ (if you don’t know what that stands for don’t worry you can’t afford it.) This...