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Randall Harris
Randall Harris
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Age: 34
Hometown: West Side Riders, California
Years Riding: 15
Height: 5 9
Weight: 170
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Company Wakeboards, Rockstar Energy Drink, Quiksilver Clothing and Rubber, Arnette Eyewear, Axis Wake Research, Vans Shoes, and Vertra Elemental Resistance
Web: ThisiZVandall.com
Bio: The man known as the Vandall has been dominating the world of freeriding wakeboarding, and pushing his WSR agenda, for over 15 years, even with a two-year exit from the sport. Randall is famous for riding different; and by different, we mean huge. Randall regularly rides a longer line and at faster speeds than anybody else. Add to that his insane cut at the wake on every jump, and you get Randall’s signature style. Despite being in the sport and riding so aggressively for so long, Randall has shown little sign of slowing down.

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