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Trevor Hansen
Trevor Hansen
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Age: 30
Hometown: Groveland, FL
Years Riding: 12
Height: 5-10
Weight: 160
Stance: goofy
Sponsors: CWB, Supra, Roswell, Performance ski and surf, Proline, WWC
Web: Trevorhansen.com
Bio: For years Trevor Hansen has consistently been one of the best professional riders in the sport. He may even be able to jump the highest wake-to-wake, but we’ll never actually know because he broke the measuring device on his final jump. Despite his lack of Portuguese heritage, he has a knack for owning Portuguese water dogs. Right now the count is at 2.5. Long story. Trevor is also Reed Hansen’s big bro and he is currently working closely with CWB Team Manager Steve Bates on the best episode of CWB-TV yet.

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