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Daniel Baena de Madariaga stayed by Jibtopia for the duration of this summer. Enjoying it very much with his best homies and a sick cable park! Video from:

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Luis Montana's compilation of wakeskate and wakeboard best moments in 2013 with himself and some of his friends! Video from:

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A short edit of rider Brodie Livesey shredding at Bli Bli Wakepark. Shot with a GoPro. Video from:

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Russian rider Anna Zhakova taking a few laps on the cable. Video from:

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Jamie Huser is not only a shredder, but a very young shredder! Check out Swiss 9 year old Jamie riding in Viverone. Video from:

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RideCable Wake Series 2nd stop competition was held during the summer festival, called RideFest in Hungary. Video from:

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Chris Rodgers and friends built a wakeskate winch jam in a Lagoon in Durban. They then dug a pool into the sand that had about a 4 foot drop into the lagoon and...

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Watch the best UK riders taking on the challenge and landing insane tricks in a breath taking scenery for the Extreme UK Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Nationals 2014. Video from:

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Coming back after 16 months off due to ACL replacement, 2 emergency surgeries for infection, just 3 weeks after release, Hunter brakes his ankle! He is now back up and riding with some...

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The Slingshot Russia boys take a trip to Saint-Petersburg (Kronshtat), to the first wake park in Russia with a street spot! Video from:

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Jordy Keesmeekers age 11 from Belgium where he rides Terhills Cablepark. Watch out, he has a big bag of tricks both behind boat and cable. Video from:

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Gabriel Benetton, 9 years old from Itanhaém, Brazil. Gabriel is landing all his new tricks like Dum Dum, KGB, Skeezer and Wirlye. Video from:

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Day at the Dirty Habits Playground with wakeboarders, Dylan Mitchell and Graham Howes in an attempt to capture the ultimate extreme selfie while flying through the air while wake boarding and wake skating. Video...

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Anton Tkachenko taking laps at his homespot Vo - Club Moscow. Video from:

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