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Leon Illenseer is 13 years old. His home cable is wild Wake ski Schwandorf in Germany. Enjoy! Video from 

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Some dance moves at Männiku Wakepark on the Krah Pipes flatbar. Footage is shot during two 10min sessions. Camera: Erkki Eilonen, Eneli Toodu, Oskar Shanin Location: Männiku Wakepark ( ), Estonia, Tallinn. Time: Summer 2014 Music:...

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So week 2 and we have another brand spanking new edit out for you people. Ck Koester, Matt Crowhurst, Lee Debuse and Louis Floyd all get re-acquainted with one of our favourite parks...

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Declan Clifford and Daniel Rutten doing some Laps at Gold Cable Park in Turkey. Enjoy! Video from Daniel...

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Dries Mollen and Dirk Van Esser made a trip to Wake Park Thulba and the lake in Wörth an der Isar (both in Germany). They are both team riders from Terhills Cable Park...

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Wij zeggen het elk jaar. Maar de railbattle bij Burnside Cablepark is de vetste wakeboard wedstrijd van het jaar. Ook dit jaar was de rail weer groter en waren er weer meer deelnemers....

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After a long and successful season, The Tremmel's finally found a bit of time to get some filming done! Benedikt (16) and Isabella (14) Tremmel at their home cable Wasserskipark Aschheim. Video from 

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The 2014 Wake To Paradise contest was held on September 12th at Wakeparadise cablepark in Italy. Check out some of the highlights from the event. Results: 1-Mattias Hoppe 2-Robin Leonard 3-Jeremia Hoppe Video from 

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Norway's Lars Holte took a trip to Hip-Notics cable park this last September and put together his first edit. Enjoy! Video from 

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RideCable Wake Series '14 HIGHLIGHTS. Check it out! Final Results: open men 1. Szolath Szebasztian ‘Szebi’ 2. Kis Benedek 3. Varga Peter open women 1. Nagy Klaudia 2. Kormendi Petra 3. Toviskes Judit junior men 1. Nagy Levente 2. Paladi-Kovacs Aron 3. Orban Oliver junior women 1. Fustos...

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It is a morning session filmed in Copenhagen Cable Park in Denmark. What better way to start the day than having a nice session with your buddies? Well that is exactly what these...

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Tom Richter from Hamburg, Germany put his 10 years of skills into this GoPro edit. Now go watch him at Gold Cable Park in Alanya Turkey. Video from:

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Here is a short video of the Peacock Brothers (Ryan and Liam) wakeboarding at JBSki this Summer, with some of their new tricks they landed this year. Video from:

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Edd Blundell, captures epic footage at The West Midlands Waterski Centre. Edd's refocused this season and ready to take on the world. He's picking up his game more than ever, hitting the 2015...

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