October 18th, 2012 by alliancewakeskate


Sick back and enjoy the smooth stylings of Brandon Thomas doing work on the water…

13 Responses to “One Minute with Brandon Thomas”

  1. TheSpangler Says:

    Good riding, good crack!

  2. the frogger Says:

    yea party edit crew can suck on that edit,hahahahha, lets all stop hating, we are in this together to just progress and have fun. and plus if ur gonna hate dont hate on the tru OGs ya kno

  3. Mac G Says:

    hate killed 2Pac and biggie….but all the member’s in this feud are way to young to remember what is was all over.. And to be a O.G. you have to be over 30 years old…Gansta book to the G Code chapter 187…under 30 and you still a pup in te game…..

  4. Will Smith Says:

    I think I just saw Marcus laser flip over BT doing a varial flip. Gettin jiggy with it!

    Who else wants to see them play a game of sk8?!

  5. 2pac Says:

    is it just me or does BT drag his ass in the water on every trick….must be cleaning off the doo doo shit stains from his man thong….oh yea…i dont wakeskate….TOOL’s….

  6. randall Says:

    yall ever try wrapped 540s late bigss??

  7. biggie Says:

    2pac, it called style bro….

    p.s. perfect varial flip Brandon ;)

  8. BB Says:

    I don’t understand the hate…Decent edit with solid riding.

  9. bro Says:

    nice riding!

  10. PUNKupussys Says:

    I see a trend, generally those from smaller wakeskate company’s hate on the guys who ride for the big ones. as much as I dislike the larger chinese made brands. But aren’t the little ones aiming to be bigger someday *cough “remote”.

  11. Really Says:

    That little party edit crew better watch there mouths before the brick squad sends em running to their mommy and daddies or shall I say their (sponsors). Its all fun and games till somebody gets hurt…

  12. reality Says:

    the only thing that’s getting hurt is dj droptops (or whatever he’s calling himself this week) ego.

  13. Droptop Says:

    bt + wakeboarders + backstreetboys = brick squad
    pec > bricksquad


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