Friday may go down in history as the longest day in Toe Jam history, since it included not only the boat final but a night winch jam across town from the Projects at OWC. But since this in the finals, and they are intent on making us wait to the very end to find out all the good stuff, I cannot confirm or deny if it will actually be the longest day or not until Saturday.

What I can do is tell you about the incredible riding that went down behind the boat on the Projects lake. Remember when people used to film all season to land a wake to wake big spin, like, last year. Well they were popping off left and right it seemed today. The wake to wake kickflip remains somewhat illusive, although Nick Taylor, Steve Campbell, Ben Horan and Reed Hansen we’re all going for them, and I have to say Nick’s was a truly beautiful thing.

The day was full of stacked heats, and even the ones that seemed obvious, such as any with Nick Taylor, were certainly not. James Balzer would have sailed through any other heat, but met Nick in the first round. Chris Kallas shreds hard, but was no match for the robotic consistency of Reed Hansen. Etc, etc etc.

The final four was just like that in the boat stop last month in Canada—Brian Grubb vs Stu Shinn and Reed Hansen vs Nick Taylor. But the final two went the opposite way (probably because we’re in a different country) and Reed and Stu faced off.

We don’t know who won yet, but here’s a run down of the lines, straight from Reed and Stu so you can place your bets.

Stu: Front 3, back 3, shuv indy, shuv mute, front big, late shuv, toeside 3 shuv stalefish. Mute on the double up.

Reed: Front 3, switch 3, back 3, toe back 1, back 1, late shuv, switch big spin to drag out, switch big spin to fall, switch big spin to fall. Switch big spin perfect, finger flip. 5 attempt double up.

Now get down to OWC for the Winch jam, scheduled to start at 4 pm eastern standard wakeskate time.  See ya at 5.


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