“First of all, you should probably know how to do a front board and a shuv-it. Otherwise there’s no way you’re going to learn to do them together. Practice the front boards with your weight back on your heels, because that will be important after you catch the shuv-it. You should probably know how to do a 360 shuv also, because the 270 is obviously just a little less than that. For that, you want to crouch down and bend your knees a little bit more than a regular shuv, but a little bit less than a 360. It’s not too big of an explosion, like a 3-shuv, but you need a little bit of extra pop, so that’s why I get a little bit lower.
When you start, you want to have your toes facing right at the wake, and you want to pop off the bottom or the middle of the trough. If you go too far off the top you’ll pop over into the wash of the wake and miss the lip. You want to think “pop straight up and land right on top of the lip,” otherwise you’ll go inside and the trick will be all messed up. That’s a common mistake. If you’ve practiced the 270 shuv enough you’ll figure out just how much pop and how much push you want to give the board to make it rotate in right under you. Once you do that, you want to land in the front board position with your weight back on your heels, not your toes. It’s a matter of finding that “spot,” and not slipping out backwards or putting your face in the water. The most common thing that people do is land on their toes and slip out on their face, or land too far over on their heels and get pulled out the front. The other thing is that I think of pushing the board all the way around to 270 before I catch it, and doing the front board all in one motion. I’m not thinking “180 shuv, then turn and do the front board.” After that it’s pretty easy, one foot on either side of the wake and hold it for as long as you want, and then either give it a little pop or just turn your hip towards the boat and you’ll come right out. This is really a pretty basic trick, nothing too hard, for a beginner to intermediate, but it takes practice. Practice, practice, practice. That’s how you’ll get it dialed. A lot of people think the 270 shuv is the hard part to learn, but it’s really all about your weight distribution on the front board. If you can figure that out you’ll be able to land it pretty easily.” – Scott Byerly











– Learn how to do front boardslides with more weight on your heels
– Pop from the middle of the trough down so you don’t go over the lip
– Be able to do 180 and 360 shuv-its consistently

– 270 shuv to front board to backside 90 out
– Backside big spin
– Switch 270 shuv to front board

0414140846270 shuv to fb frontview-2

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