When first asked to do a trick tip on a 360 flip, Travis simply replied, “I don’t even know, I just kick and hope for the best.” But with a little photographic assistance, he came up with a step by step, which may or may not help you learn it.—BG

Frame 1

Set your feet up like a vflip or a kicky.

Frame 2

Make sure you get a good edge at the wake.

Frame 3

Get a good pop off the wake, and scoop it like a 3shuv.

Frame 4

Leave your front foot on the board until it does a shuv

Frame 5

Then kick the board like a vflip but kick it a little harder, because you want it to do a 3shuv and throw it in front of you.

Frame 6

After that pick up your feet and watch the board come around.

Frame 7

Try to catch it in the air and spread out your feet when you land.

Frames 8-12

Stand up and ride away clean

Sounds easy enough. Now you try!


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