By David Hanson

The story with 45th Street begins with a Fun Boots! winch trip to Fort Lauderdale with our residing local Michael Grasso, who found the gap on Google Earth and took us straight there on the way to town.  The gap is actually in Palm Beach, slightly north of Laudy and was seen as just a huge “V” across this canal by the highway.  We showed up and soon found out there are several other things to hit besides the V, including a quick setup 5 foot drop that requires a thigh-high ollie over a beefy cement ledge.  Definitely gnarly.  We got kicked out before we were all done hitting that drop, but there was plenty to do still at the spot.

So we went back about a month later and actually got to hit the V part of the drop, which is a darn time.  There is a dock sticking out that we were able to put the winch on to drive the gap, making an excellent straight on pull.  The walk back is hassle-free and you can take as much run up as you want.  Deep landing, too.  Things started really getting sassy when Ben Caruso began combining an ollie over the tip of the V into an ollie down the gap.  As you can see, this spot is open to several interpretations.  Like I said, it’s right in between a huge highway and a busy street, so chances are you will probably get kicked out if you go there.  It is a hotspot for fishermen though, so maybe you can just blend in best you can.  I like 45th Street though, because it’s not just a drop.  It’s a spot.


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