Osiris recently held its annual suitcase contest, where two girls win a all-expenses-paid trip to San Diego.  One of the winners was Nor Cal wakeskater Lizzie and the following is her story about the trip. For more info be sure to check out Osirisgirls.com

As I sit here in my cool new gear, I reminisce on the new memories and bonds I had made this past week. Starting out my adventure on Sunday, I woke up and threw some clothes into a broken luggage case and packed my new Maher Wakeskate into my torn up board bag. After getting all ready for my flight I convinced my ride I didn’t have to be at the airport until forty minutes before my flight. I know you should check in early blah blah, but I didn’t want to get there too early and have to wait. Happy to say I made it on just fine on my flight. Funny thing is I ended up sitting next to my dad’s old co-workers. Super small world. Anyways, once on the receiving end of this flight I was picked up by the Osiris Girls Team Manager Kim Woo and Osiris team rider Stef Tor. I then met up with the other suitcase contest winner Rachel. She was jet lagged and napping on a couch. The four of us were then met up with Osiris team skater Annie Sullivan and retired Liquid Force Team Manager Kathleen Penny and all of us girls hit the beach on boards and beach cruisers. After shooting the breeze and getting to know everyone, Rachel and I were whisked off to check into our hooty pooty hotel: The Dana on Mission Bay. Ending our first day out, all of the girls reunited for some sushi and yogurt.

Our second day was probably my favorite of the whole trip. We set out for the Mission Bay Aquatic Center for some wakeboarding and my favorite, wakeskating. I was pumped because this was my home turf. I’m not one to ride first but once we got on the boat (Kim, Stef, Rach, Kenny) I asked who was going to start us off and pretty much ate my foot. So I geared up in my new Osiris Shoes, set the rope to 65, told them my speed between 22-24, vested up and hopped in. The water was alright for the time of day we were riding. It was pretty choppy for 3/4s of the course but that for that _ of relatively calm water, I was on. The water got pretty blown out during my set so we moved into the ski course. I don’t remember if Kim rode next or if Rachel did. I know that Kim rode solid on her wakeboard, pulling W2Ws and when we threw her a skate she was then accepted. When Rachel rode there was nothing but smiles out on the boat. She had rode maybe once or twice in her life but this wasn’t her thing. Stef gave some great advice and everyone just cheered her on. Mind you this girl is a TOOTHPICK, but she popped up first try. She was coached to go in and out of the wake. Super inspirational. I rode one more set. I went for an acid drop dock start. HAHA I figured that since I did it at Odub over a year ago I should be able to do it now. Not quite. Maybe a couple more attempts.

After wakeskating, Rach and I went back to the hotel to shower and change. We had a photoshoot for the 09 catalog. We had hair and makeup done and we met up with Osiris team riders; Karen Jones, Stef Tor, Annie Sullivan and the Osiris Girls Footwear Designer Nereida. All of us went to this downtown rooftop that overlooked the San Diego bay from one angle and san diego downtown skylines from another. The shoot was shot by photographer Dan Coronado. It was such an awesome experience. Annie left the shoot early so she could catch her flight back to Colorado. After the shoot we went to dinner for some fish tacos. Karen left shortly after that to prepare for her flight home to Brazil.

Tuesday morning came and Rachel and I had a long night dealing with the air conditioner demon, but she was up freakishly early due to jet lag anyway. We went and had a super amazing vegetarian lunch with Krista, the Osiris Girls Brand Director. Then we went to La Jolla Shores for a private surf lesson with Marnie from Surf Diva Surf School who set us up with these HUGE nine foot, foam top longboards. We were now on Rachel’s turf. She was a surfer and boy did she show it. After our private lessons Stef Tor and Kim came to pick us up. We went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and sat chatting. After dinner we were taken back to our hotel and Kim “had to use the restroom.” As we turned on the lights, we saw the array of new gear spread out so fashionably on each of our beds. My eyes popped out of my head. I had eight new shirts from both Osiris and UGP, four pairs of shoes, a crazy Fi-Hi backpack with speakers to connect your ipod to, Sector 9 wheels, socks, stickers, beanies, and belts. We were set with gear from Osiris as well as Stef and Annie’s other sponsors…so rad!

The next and final morning of our Osiris Trip, Stef, Kim, Rach and I went to Jedidiah clothing company. We got to meet the founder and his wife and a couple of the artists. We were shown the screen printing process and saw the workers and the machines in action. After Jedidiah, we went and got smoothies but of course I was still hungry. These girls ate like birds. Anyways it’s obvious to say that between the two “former” vegetarians on the trip; Stef and Rachel, we ate pretty healthy. I was still on soccer training mode so of course I ate two times more than these skinny girls. I saw a Carl’s Jr and my mouth started watering. I caved in figuring,” What the heck? I’m on vacation so I should just do it.” I had me two big ‘ol burgers and I was once again a happy camper. We went back to the Osiris headquarters in preparation to head out to skate at Clairemont Skate park. We were stopped by one small detail: none of us had helmets or pads. Instead we decided to head to the Foundation/Toy Machine HQ/warehouse with William, the Marketing Assistant at Osiris, located in downtown SD. There, Rachel and I got to pick any deck we wanted from their catalog and take it home for free! Super awesome.  With everything packed up, we went to our last supper. Sushi was a favorite between the girls and I was told I was a shame to Asians because I don’t like sushi, haha. We took Rachel to the airport and said our goodbyes. Afterwards I called up my friends and told them to come get me and take me to my family’s house. That night I got to hang out with all of my best friends.

The next day my dad took the day off to be with me and pretty much chauffeur me around town. I had a dentist appointment and a dr. appointment. When my little brothers came home from school we hung out and skated. I let them rummage through my stickers I had acquired for their helmets. I had a traditional Vietnamese dinner with my mom and was taken to the airport. After being there I found out my flight was delayed two hours. I pretty much died right there because my dad wouldn’t take me back home to wait it out. Eventually I got on my flight and made it home to an empty foodless house.

I just want to thank Osiris for this amazing trip to San Diego. I want to thank Stef for tagging along and showing us a good time. I want to thank Foundation/Toy Machine for the new deck. Thanks to Annie Sullivan, Karen Jones and Stef Tor for the awesome gear from their sponsors, Kenny at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center for the pull and photographer Dan Coronado for the amazing photos. Mostly I want to thank Kim Woo for putting together this whole production, all the free swag, showing me the parts of San Diego I haven’t been to, and for the extra day so I could be with family. Rachel: I’ll be seeing you soon and keep your eye out for a package in the mail.